Pathfinding Thesis Complete

WOOT! My thesis, the bane of my existence for the last 2 years, is finally done! Its basically a review of the video game pathfinding field as well as presenting a novel grid map search technique: the spatial grid A*. The version linked below is the final draft that is being submitted to my faculty.


3 thoughts on “Pathfinding Thesis Complete

  1. I just skimed through your thesis, I must say it seems very interesting, you’re covering lots of aspect of pathfinidng and gives interesting figures. I was a little disappointed that you didn’t dig enough on the academic side of the fence especially on the navigation space representations.You should check the work of Fabrice Lamarche, Marcello Kallman, Julien Pettré, … even if they’re not applied to games, they provide interesting solutions.
    Anyway I’m putting your work on the my “to-read” list !.

  2. Remember that it’s only a MSc thesis, and I have to limit the scope. If I wished to cover an entire field, I dont think I’d ever finish 😉

    A lot of the academic pathfinding work is either targetted at robotic systems or is simply infeasible for use in games. I ended up cutting a huge portion of research out of the thesis once I realize that none of it applies in the least to video games. The video game pathfinding field is very specialized and navigation space representations are pretty much the same old waypoint, mesh, grid map representations.

    If you are interested in that kinda thing, check out the work done by Nathan Sturtevant, he’s busy doing some really exciting research into new grid map nav graph representations 😉 I think he will have a paper ready by AIIDE this year!

  3. hey bobby ,u did good work.
    If u have any idea about robot path finding paper or any resource then pls let me know.

    keep it up….

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