Computer Graphics Slides

I used to present the computer graphics courses at the University of Pretoria’s Computer Science Department ( Now that I’m not lecturing anymore I dont want to let my course slides go to waste. I figure that these slides would be useful for anyone interested in learning more about computer graphics or for any students currently taking a computer graphics course in another department.

The slides are simple, concise and cover pretty much all the basic computer graphics background one would need for an undergraduate course. Feel free to use them for your courses, tutorials and so on just please credit me if you do.

I hope you find the slides below useful!

  1. Introduction to Computer Graphics
  2. 3D Mathematics
  3. The Graphical Pipeline and the GPU
  4. The Graphical Pipeline: Application Stage
  5. The Graphical Pipeline: Geometry Stage
  6. The Graphical Pipeline: Rasterizer Stage

11 thoughts on “Computer Graphics Slides

  1. Hi Bobby,

    I follow your blog for a long time and it’s a really cool place to find good ressources on DirectX graphics.

    Like you, I also do game dev tutorials on my blog for french community (not the same level as your tutorials … I’m still learning :)).

    I wanted to know if you would be interested if I translate those slides in french in order to publish it ?

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the compliments.

    You are more than welcome to translate the slides into french and redistribute them. Just credit me/this blog if you do!

    1. No problem for the credit and the blog list ).

      I wanted to know if you could send me an editable version of the slides (I don’t have anything to edit pdf files).

  3. Hi Mr Bobby thanks a great deal for sharing such resourceful information. It has really been of tremendous value to me. How I wish I had a chance to ever be your student!

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