My Talks

Below is a list of some of my talks over the last few years, I will also provide the GDC vault links just in case you have access to that as well.

Remember to Relax – Realizing relaxed behaviors in AAA games
Game Developers Conference, 2015

  • Slides
  • GDC Vault Video – Coming Soon!

Animation-Driven Locomotion for Smoother Navigation
Game Developers Conference, 2012

A day in the life of a AAA programmer
AltDevStudentConf, 2012

Collision Avoidance in Hitman:Absolution
Vienna AI Conference, 2012

Managing the Movement: Getting Your Animation Behaviors to Behave Better
Game Developer Conference, 2013


One thought on “My Talks

  1. hi it’s a good lecture to understand neural network even for me a beginner study of neural network
    If u don’t mind, leave a link of neural network in java..

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