DirectX10 Tutorial 8: Lighting Theory and HLSL

This tutorial will deal with the basic scene lighting. It will cover the basic Phong and Blinn-Phong reflection models and the per-vertex (Gouraud) and per-pixel shading models (Phong). The Blinn-Phong reflection model is used in the openGL fixed-function pipeline (and as far as I know also used in DX9 but I’m not 100% sure).  Modern games don’t really used these shading models any more as they are very expensive especially when there are numerous objects and light sources in a scene and much more efficient techniques such as deferred shading are pretty much the industry standard at the moment in regards to scene lighting and shadowing. Even though the shading models may have changed and aren’t really all that relevant, the reflection models explained here are still in use. Continue reading “DirectX10 Tutorial 8: Lighting Theory and HLSL”