My attempt at a DX10 game engine… Name Ideas

So I’ve started with developing the AI test bed for my masters experiments, and since I kinda wanted something that looked nice, I basically started developing a game engine without knowing it 😛

I’ve been working on it for around a week now, and have a very basic renderer and a basic camera system going… The next step will be developing the scene graph and spatial data structures needed for rendering. I’ve been doing so much reading on scene graphs and so one that it’s coing out my ears and yet I’m not any closer to having an idea on a good solution. I could probably do my entire masters on scene graphs and spatial sorting.

Anyways I’m going to discontinue my DX10 tutorials since all the future tutorials will anyways be based off of my engine, so I’m going to start a new series of tutorials on building a very basic dx0 game engine.

The amount of files in the projects are growing and I need to come up wiht a nice name so i can start encapsulating the classes in namespaces, and have a nice uniform naming across the components, since the engine is going to be super super simple i was thinking as using one of the following as the engine name:

  • Cimplicity
  • basikEngine
  • CimplEngine
  • SimplEngine
  • engineBasix

Any other suggestions?